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How to Answer JAMB CBT Questions 2022 | Ultimate Guide to JAMB CBT

How to Answer JAMB CBT Questions 2022 | Ultimate Guide to JAMB CBT

This article is a complete guide on how to answer jamb CBT questions and this will help all Candidates, who will be writing the JAMB CBT examination, answer their CBT questions without fear of failure and be answering the questions with full confidence.

This article will show you the simple step by step guidelines, on how to answer jamb CBT questions, and we know, that this will be helpful to all candidates, sitting for the examination.

How To Answer JAMB CBT Questions

The best method which you can use, to answer the CBT questions, is through the ‘ELIMINATION METHOD’.

This novel, “The Last Days at Forcados High School” which was written by A.H. Mohammed, tells the story of Jimi Solade, the most popular boy at the elite Forcados High School.
As Jimi Solade, the most popular boy at the school, commence his final year in senior secondary together with his friends, the sweet-hearted and devout Nene and Ansa, the nerdy art genius, he’s determined it’s going to be his best year yet.
But they say, We don’t know tomorrow, because Jimi’s rogue brother, Wole, is back – which means trouble can’t be far behind.
Then there’s Efua, the beautiful and mysterious new girl in class who seems to have no time for boys, no matter how rich, smart, popular you are, which includes Jimi Solade.
But when Jimi’s mother falls ill, he realizes that things are about to change – and not necessarily in a good way.
When we take a look at this novel, we discovered, that this book, is both funny and honest about self-discovery, family, friendship, tolerance and the highs and lows of life as a modern Nigerian teenager.
This Novel is told in straightforward language, and if you’ve been  an ardent reader of A.H. Mohammed, you’ll know that he never talks down to readers.
Instead, Last Days stands out with its realistic situations, original characters and deft storytelling.
This Novel is at once entertaining and deadly serious, tackling a range of difficult issues including the following listed below:
drug abuse,
discrimination and loss, coupled with intelligence and great writing.


What Is  Elimination Method?

The Elimination Method is a process, by which, you ignore certain questions/options which are completely wrong and deciding on other options which you can answer easily and correctly.
Note that in the C.B.T examination, each question would be assigned 4 options (3 wrong option and 1 right option), so that means, you have the option of choosing ONLY one question which is the right one, out of the four questions.

How to Answer JAMB CBT Questions using Elimination Method

Here’s an example of what the elimination method.
Let’s say that you are sure and confident that option A and option B are totally wrong, but you don’t know which one is correct between C and D.
By using the elimination method, you would ignore those 2 options and then deliberate on the other 2 options to decide which one of the two would be correct.
This makes answering questions easier since you would only be deliberating on few options rather than deliberating on all entire options assigned to the questions.
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Reading For The JAMB CBT Examination

When reading for the examination, please ensure that you narrow your reading only to topics and questions the examiners are interested in. You don’t need to read all books before you can succeed. There is always an easier way of doing things. Read only the important books, and the best books to read is the Past questions and answers.
To check your jamb result with your reg number here is your guides.
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